Roberto Alvarez-Galloso, Reporter

How the Cuban governement has used its

citizen’s inheritance monies

by Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

Miami, Cuba, and Great Britain appears to have been the financial version of the Bermuda Triangle when it comes to this story. I am talking about a story with intrigue, history, and money called the Manso de Contreras Story.

The story starts with Manso de Contreras and their relationship with the Kings of Spain and their duty to enforce discipline in the Spanish Colonies in the Caribbean. This family eventually stayed and settled in Cuba.

In the early 1700’s, one of the Manso de Contreras Family made several deposits in the Banks of Englands which consisted of 60 Million Gold Pesos and Valuable Jewelry. This was all compounded at 5% interest.

I have had the privilege of interviewing members of this family. They commented on how their money was used to finance Wars and enrich many people in Great Britain. Those who remained in Cuba after the Cuban-Spanish War of 1895-1898 lost all of their remaining possessions and wealth.

All of these years have turned to impatience as people have promised that there was an inheritance while then backing off of any assertion. Many of these heirs are wandering if Cuba and Great Britain are playing games with their money. The Heirs ask themselves the questions of how Cuba is able to reinvest in different industries when they have defaulted on their loans to Russia and other creditors.

Others have asked why the Republicans and Democrats have been the number on customers of Castro. The Heirs ask themselves why Great Britain is allowed to violate the embargo against Cuba. [This answer I can provide. It must be remembered that the embargo is an arrangement between the governing elite in Cuba and the USA to maintain each other in power and to use Latins especially Cubans as Slave Labor].

Many of the heirs have even asked why wait for Castro when they are no longer part of the Cuban Process and have spent almost five decades in America. These are questions that authorities in Cuba, Great Britain, and the USA have to answer unless they are afraid that being transparent could launch a domino effect which could costs the governments of these countries their survival.

I myself ask the question why not launch a lawsuit against the Cuban, British, and US Government if the Heirs think they have a reason. Why not launch a lawsuit against who have promised but not delivered on the basis of “psychological torture?”

This is a story that will have to play out. I do not have the answers. I am just reporting this in my blog.

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