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February 3, 2015
    Jose Leiva, taking time from his daily routine visited the University of Miami to search for archives that he noticed it was important to add to our pages, we truly thank him for the efforts to our cause and to the happy ending to our family legacy.

A few of the older family members are asking me if “this is coming soon”, and to them I say…sure hope so, I understand that “hope” is not a strategy, but based on all the news and the new cuban monetary system circulating in cuba is a very strong indication that they have to start the process.

February 4, 2015     Once again we thank Jose for his investigations and contribution. See “La Gaceta Oficial de Cuba” recognizing the Manso Inheritance. And more documents like: The History of Remedios, etc..happy reading, because in this case knowledge is power!

Please, go to *** Investigators *** located in the top Menu bar and see #1,#2,#3,#4 and a 5th document, he has so humbly contributed to us!!*** Note to the reader:   There are a couple of repeated pages because depending on your computer, it could be easier to read.


Jose Leiva                                                                                                                      Oficial contributor for


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