HIstory 9 – The Fortune 2



La Fortuna. 

Starting in 1902 the family made many testamentary legal claims due to that England started calling the rightful heirs to come forward into claiming the inheritance. It was no longer feasible for England to maintain the interest payments on the accounts.

This family inheritance deposited in the Bank of England, was contracted and documented in receiving an annual interest of 5%. It became such a large amount accumulated through out he years that the Bank stopped in 1941 paying the contracted interest on the account and posts an article in Cuban newspapers calling the heirs to claim the fortune. It continued the calling in 1913,1923,1925,1941,1944 in different papers like:

  • GACETA OFICIAL DE CUBA: 1913, 1915, 1923, 1925, 1937 and 1945
  • EL PAIS: March 1, 1947
  • EL MUNDO: December 10, 1937
  • MAÑANA: May 10, 1944

In 1932 takes place another testamentary trial of the Manso Family, in which there are several official documents where it showed that judges were bought, paid off $70,000 pesos to disappear the evidence and to close the case, being these the reasons why the family never got to its commitments.

Then in 1937 Maria Luisa Borroto Manso and her family started another trial in which Gonzalez Caballero appeared but it lasted until 1959 without results.