History 8 – The Fortune



The Fortune.

This fortune was kept in secrecy amongst the Manso de Contreras members, and passed along from the oldest son to the oldest son at the English Bank, being controlled by trusted religious family members in charge of the well being of the fortune.

In 1882 dies the last trustee family member of the fortune, and by agreement of the descendents, the court and the Archbishop they name Antonio Rojas Orias trustee of the fortune. Antonio Rojas in combination with the church and the state expropriated all the legal rights of the Manso de Contreras, stealing and murdering the descendents that would get in his way or would claim the rights to the fortune.

Antonio Rojas reduced most of the real state properties belonging to the family as he divided and shared them with friends, families, and social compromises that helped him acquire the position, betraying the trust of the Manso members. He is to blame for the conflict between the Manso de Contreras and the Loyolas, which he suited to his convenience, conflict that still lasts through present days.

In 1920 appears Indalecio Gonzalez Caballero, who also expropriates the rights of the family as Rojas did, but this one in favor of the Governors of the time. He also took by force the legal documents that proved the deposits in England and in Cuba. His felonies and wrong doings escalated so much that when he was confronted, he burned to the ground the civil courts of Moron, Camaguani, Yaguajay and others, so not to leave a traces of his illegal activities.