History 4 – Andres Manso de Contreras



Andres Manso de Contreras Hernandez de Medina 


Andres Manso de Contreras Hernandez de Medina married Andrea Guevara de Ledesma, and both declared their 12 legitimate children rightful heirs. Andres inherit 50% of all the family fortune.

As well as his grandfathers he fought piracy creating and army in Remedios. It’s been said that not all the confiscated gold went precisely to be shared with the Spanish crown. But diverted and sent to England increasing the family’s fortune, deposited under his name in the Bank Conrad in London and to his son Isidoro, his first born as beneficiary. As per his will, leaves all to his 12 children were only 8 had descendents.

Andres marries a second time with Francisca Xaviera Hernandez de Medina, his own causin, and procreates 6 daughters, which they all died except for one: Josefa Manuela Manso de Contreras Hernandez de Medina.

Prior to it, it was mentioned that her mother makes her the universal inheritor of the family fortune, but not having children, she makes her 12 brothers on her father side, heirs to the fortune.