History 3 – Bartolome Manso de Contreras


Bartolome Manso de Contreras y Campo – 1701

In 1701 Bartolome marries Isabel Hernandez de Medina y Vidal, having 5 children: Bartolome, Andres, Joseph, Sor Maria de Jesus, y Sor Maria Isabel del Santisimo Sacramento. These last two became nuns and went to become in charge of the Convent of Santa Clara in Havana.

By advise of his father these nuns transported the fortune to the Convent hidden in the walls until the fortune was sent to Bank of England where they have remained until now (over 2 centuries). Through her nephew Jose Manso de Contreras y Perez del Prado, the nuns being afraid of the news that pirates would raid the city, send their nephew Jose to take the fortune to England aboard the Ship “El Titan” captained by Thomas Morrison.

The fortune consisted in large amounts of gold coins and jewels of great value shipped in wooden chest. Arriving in England, Jose deposits the fortune in the bank in England (Bank of Oxford) under one account but distributed in several vaults.