History 2 – Antonio Manso de Contreras




Antonio Manso de Contreras – 1606



Don Antonio arrives in Cuba married to Maria Catalina Rodriguez de Mendoza, of which he had three sons: Tomas, Nicolas y Andres Manso de Contreras Rodriguez de Mendoza. Francisco as well as Antonio had their own wealth and noble titles from birth. Out of the 3 sons of Antonio, only Andres had children when married to Antonia Armonia del Campo y Rodriguez de Arciniega in 1653, these were his children: Nicolas, Tomas, Luciano y Bartolome Manso de Contreras y Campo. All of them had descendents except Luciano.


Nicolas had 6 children: Jose, Eugenio, Andres, Juan Antonio, Vicente y Faustina. Tomas had 4 children. Bartolome was one to inherit his father’s fortune, and started to make his own investments receiving large profits, he also expanded his wealth in properties even more than his ancestors.


Approximate around 1715 the Manso de Contreras owned ¾ parts of Cuba and the surrounding islands, also owned large portions of Florida and Mexico, until they lose these last two for the failure to pay taxes.