History 10 – The Fortune 3



The Fortune 

A family member managed in 1996 convinced the Catholic Church in Cuba (without authorization) to send out to all Catholic Churches in Europe the following message, “INFORMATION NEEDED ABOUT MANSO DE CONTRERAS INHERITANCE, A CUBAN FAMILY CLAIMS IT” 

Two countries only replied: Norwegian and Austria, both with the same reply in two comments.

  • “Limited Information” (as if they were afraid or not allowed to speak about it)
  • “One thing we can surely say, that this is one family that possesses the biggest fortune known, which was deposited between 1700 and 1800 en the Bank of London”

It is eminent to say that many attempts were made through the years by the humble Manso families to claim their legal rights to their inheritance, in the years 1913, 1926, 1947, 1950, 1983 and perhaps more, but for obvious reason many were cheated, and others plainly disappeared when trying to reclaim the legacy.

The Manso were owners of vast lands belonging to the 3 provinces in the middle Cuba, also owners of the island of Turiguano.

The Central Bank of Cuba has enough documentation pertaining to all these proceeding from the National Bank of Cuba. In the National Historic Archive of Havana, exist valuable documents pertaining to the Manso families and their fortune.