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Welcome to Manso Talk!

Your comments, issues and concerns in this BLOG are highly appreciated. Please be advised that defamation of character, foul language and continued negative reinforcement against family members, the and or it’s creators will not be permitted or tolerated…and your posts will be automatically deleted. And then again, you can exercise your right not to visit our pages if you feel we do not represent your personal views.

Our passion and goals is to unify the family whether you are Manso, Contreras, Perez del Prado or Loyolas…we are one family and we should fight together.

Hope to have these pages working as soon as possible to tell the world we are here, and to demand our rights to inherit the fruits of our forefathers.

Thank you and Godspeed!


2 comments on “Manso Talk
  1. MansoLegacy says:

    Dear family,

    Our Legacy is an undeniable fact. The parties responsible for keeping our fortune for so long have no choice but to come forward and recognize the truthful heirs. Distribution is a reality. Let’s keep pressing and sending a message that we will not surrender!

  2. admin says:

    Yes, I also believe the time is near, many british officials are placed in location in Cuba, making sure the transfer of documents and the legitimacy of heirs are in order. They are now saying that it will take place after the holidays.